Online MBCT/MBSR Lesson 3:
A Different Mode of Being

Theme of MBCT/MBSR Lesson 3

Getting out of our heads: We spend most of our lives operating out of our heads. There are times when this is beneficial and exactly what we need to be doing. But all too often we get stuck in our heads and caught up in our thoughts, which not only pulls us out of a mindful awareness of the present moment, but leads us down the perilous path of worrying, dwelling, ruminating, and just over-thinking in general. In this session, we'll explore how to get out of our heads, step out of the realm of thinking and doing, and instead, just being.


Agenda for MBCT/MBSR Lesson 3

  1. Mindfulness of Breath Meditation
  3. Home Practice Review
  5. Doing Mode and Being Mode
  7. The Breathing Space
    Break (best place to stop if not completing the whole session at once)
  9. Mindful Movement
  11. Home Practice

Preparation for MBCT/MBSR Lesson 3

Worksheets: You can download or print off the worksheets we'll be using this session in advance using the links below:

Mindfulness of the Breath Meditation Worksheet PDF or Word
Doing Mode/Being Mode Worksheet PDF or Word
Breathing Space Worksheet PDF or Word
All Lesson 3 Worksheets in a single file PDF or Word

Links for the worksheets are also included at the relevant part of each lesson, so you'll be able to download or open them then if you prefer.

Audio Files: All of the audio files we use throughout the program are embedded for playback at the relevant part of each lesson. You can also download them in advance below. We'll be using the following audio files during this session:

Other Materials:

  • A notebook for any notes you may wish to make
  • For the Mindfulness of Breath Meditation, you'll need a place to sit:
    • cross-legged on the floor, perhaps on a cushion; or
    • on a firm chair with no armrests (such as a kitchen or dining room chair) where you can sit with your feet flat on the floor and your back not resting on the back of the chair
  • For the Mindfulness Movement practice, you'll need a yoga mat, or carpet, or something similar that you can sit and lie on comfortably, with enough open space to be able to stretch out your body while standing, and be able to lie flat on your back. You'll be watching a video along with this practice, so it's preferable if you're able to position yourself in such a way that you can see your screen or monitor at least some of the time.