Online MBCT/MBSR Lesson 1:
Stepping Out of Automatic Pilot

Theme of MBCT/MBSR Lesson 1

Awareness and the present moment: We spend a great deal of our lives on automatic pilot, going on about our days without really thinking about what we're doing as we're doing it. Mindfulness is the opposite of automatic pilot. When we're being mindful, we're paying attention in the present moment, and bringing awareness to whatever we're experiencing. In this session, you'll learn what mindfulness is and why it's beneficial, and how to step out of automatic pilot and start living your life more mindfully.


Agenda for MBCT/MBSR Lesson 1

  1. Introduction to Mindfulness
    • Mindful Eating: A First Taste of Mindfulness
  2. About the Online MBCT/MBSR Program
    • Format of the Program
    • About the Home Practice
  3. What is Mindfulness and Why is it Important?
  5. How to Meditate in 5 Easy Steps
  6. The Body Scan Mindfulness Meditation
  8. Home Practice

Preparation for MBCT/MBSR Lesson 1

Worksheets: You can download or print off the worksheets we'll be using this session in advance using the links below:

Introduction to Mindfulness Worksheet PDF or Word
Body Scan Mindfulness Meditation Worksheet PDF or Word
All Lesson 1 Worksheets in a single file PDF or Word

Links for the worksheets are also included at the relevant part of each lesson, so you'll be able to download or open them then if you prefer.

Audio Files: All of the audio files we use throughout the program are embedded for playback at the relevant part of each lesson. You can also download them in advance below. We'll be using the following audio files during this session:

Other Materials:

  • A notebook for any notes you may wish to make
  • A raisin, or if you don’t have a raisin, any small, bite-sized piece of food, for the Mindful Eating practice
  • For the Body Scan mindfulness meditation, you'll need a place where you can lie comfortably on your back, preferably on the floor (perhaps on a mat or blanket), along with a pillow to support your head, and another pillow or rolled-up towel for underneath your knees