Online MBCT/MBSR Lesson 3

The Breathing Space

The Breathing Space is a brief mindfulness meditation that incorporates many elements of a much longer, in depth meditation into three steps:

Step 1: Becoming Aware of your experience in the present moment by bringing your attention to your

  • Thoughts:
    • noticing what thoughts are going through your mind
    • not thinking about your thoughts
    • just treating them as mental events
  • Feelings and Emotions:
    • turning towards your feelings
    • acknowledging them
    • allowing them to be however they are
  • Physical Sensations:
    • scanning your body and noticing what sensations are present
    • following these sensations in awareness as you breathe with them

Step 2: Gathering your attention around your breath and paying attention to the physical sensations of your breathing in your abdomen, and using your breath to anchor yourself into the present.

Step 3: Expanding your awareness to take in your entire body. If you notice any sensations of pain, tension or discomfort:

  • Breathing in to these sensations, using your breath to bring your awareness to them on the in-breath
  • Breathing out of these sensations, allowing them to soften and relax on the out-breath


The Breathing Space


Once you've completed the breathing space, fill out the Breathing Space Worksheet on the next page.