Online MBCT/MBSR Lesson 6

Meditating in Silence

Once you've been practicing guided mindfulness meditations for a while, you may find that the instructions are no longer necessary, and can even be distracting and intrusive as you try to keep your attention focused on your own inner experience while someone else won't stop talking in your ear.

For home practice this week you’ll be alternating between a sitting meditation and the body scan, and you’ll be doing the meditations in silence, without the audio files to guide you. After reading through the descriptions below, practice the 20-minute (almost) silent sitting meditation at the bottom of the page.

Sitting Meditation in Silence: Mindfulness of Breath, Body, Thoughts, Feelings and Choiceless Awareness

This meditation is primarily silent, with only minimal guidance to get you started and then help keep you focused. Make sure you have a cushion or chair to sit on, and then when you're ready, start the audio file below: