Online MBCT/MBSR Lesson 3

Breathing Space Three Times a Day

Part of the home practice for this week is to do the breathing space at least three times a day. It's more likely you'll practice the breathing space if you decide in advance when you're going to do it, and then do it at the same times every day.

Below are some examples of times you could schedule the breathing space, so pick three of these now (or come up with your own) and then commit to doing the breathing space at these times every day, over the course of the next week:

  • When you first wake up
  • After you get dressed
  • Before you go out the door
  • As soon as you get in to work
  • On your coffee break
  • When you return from lunch
  • A break in the afternoon
  • Before you leave work
  • As soon as you get home
  • Before you start dinner
  • After you eat
  • Before you watch TV
  • Before you get ready for bed
  • Any other time that works for you

Once you've decided on three times, and before leaving this page, set a reminder or alert in your calendar or an alarm on your phone to remind you it's time to take a breathing space, otherwise it'll be easy to forget to take them, or to think about doing it but keep putting it off until later.

And at least once a day, complete the Breathing Space Worksheet to help you reflect on what your experience was like.


Take a break before continuing to the next section. If you'd like to finish the session later, this is a good place to stop for now.