Mindfulness Meditation Lesson 4:
Mindfulness of Our Bodies

Theme of Mindfulness Meditation Lesson 4

We spent the first part of this course learning to be mindful of our breath. Now we begin to expand our awareness, bringing mindfulness to our bodies and paying attention to any physical sensations we're experiencing, which, as we'll see, is an important part of getting more in touch with our emotions.


Agenda for Lesson 4

  1. Meditating in Silence
  3. Discomfort and Restlessness While Meditating
  5. Home Practice Review
  7. Meditation Overview and Review
  9. The Two Arrows: Pain and Suffering
  10. The Body Scan Meditation
  11. Home Practice


You can download or print off the worksheets we'll be using this session in advance in PDF or Word format. Links for the worksheets are also included at the relevant part of each lesson, so you'll be able to download or open them then if you prefer.

Other Materials

  • A notebook for any notes you may wish to make
  • For the Mindfulness of Breath meditation, you'll need a place to sit
  • For the Body Scan mindfulness meditation, you'll need a place where you can lie comfortably on your back, preferably on the floor (perhaps on a mat or blanket), along with a pillow to support your head, and another pillow or rolled-up towel for underneath your knees


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