Mindfulness Meditation Lesson 8:
Mindfulness and Acceptance

Theme of Mindfulness Meditation Lesson 8

We'll learn what acceptance means in the context of mindfulness, and why it's so important to simply allow whatever we're experiencing in to our awareness and just let it be, rather than stuggling or fighting with it.


Agenda for Lesson 8

  1. Mindfulness of Breath, Body, Sounds, Thoughts and Feelings Meditation
  3. Home Practice Review
  5. Mindfulness and Acceptance
  7. Allowing in a Difficulty and Working With it Through the Body
  9. Home Practice


You can download or print off the worksheet we'll be using this session in advance in PDF or Word format. Links for the worksheets are also included at the relevant part of each lesson, so you'll be able to download or open them then if you prefer.

Other Materials

  • A notebook for any notes you may wish to make
  • A place for sitting meditation


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